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Horton Township, Ontario Canada
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2017 BY-LAWS

Updated: 6 months ago - Created: January 6th, 2017
pdf file icon2017-01 Borrowing By-Law
pdf file icon2017-02 Interim Taxes 2017
pdf file icon2017-03 Appoint Auditor
pdf file icon2017-04 Appoint Committee of Adjustment
pdf file icon2017-05 Appoint Livestock Valuer
pdf file icon2017-06 Appoint Fence Viewers
pdf file icon2017-07 Confirming By-Law January 3rd, 2017
pdf file icon2017-08 Road Assumption By-Law - Portion of Humphries Rd
pdf file icon2017-09 Sums Required for 2017
pdf file icon2017-10 Confirming By-Law January 17th, 2017
pdf file icon2017-11 Enbridge Gas Franchise Renewal Agreement
pdf file icon2017-12 Confirming By-Law February 7th, 2017
pdf file icon2017-13 Employment By-Law
pdf file icon2017-14 Confirming By-Law February 21st, 2017
pdf file icon2017-15 OCIF Agreement
pdf file icon2017-16 Confirming By-Law March 7th, 2017
pdf file icon2017-17 Complaint Policy
pdf file icon2017-17 Complaint Policy Schedule B
pdf file icon2017-18 Enabling Accessibility Fund - Agreement
pdf file icon2017-19 Confirming By-Law March 21st, 2017
pdf file icon2017-20 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-21 Award of Recycling Contract
pdf file icon2017-22 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-23 Site Plan Amendment Agreement (Dillabough)
pdf file icon2017-24 Site Plan Agreement Amendment (Draper)
pdf file icon2017-25 Vote by Mail By-Law
pdf file icon2017-25 Appendix 'A'
pdf file icon2017-26 Beaver Maintenance Policy
pdf file icon2017-26 Beaver Policy - Schedule 'A'
pdf file icon2017-27 Award of Solid Waste Contract
pdf file icon2017-28 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-29 Employment By-Law
pdf file icon2017-30 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-31 Zoning By-Law Amendment - Fortier
pdf file icon2017-32 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-33 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-34 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-35 Authorization of Agreement - Engineering Services - Fraser Road
pdf file icon2017-36 Authorization of Agreement - Engineering Services - Johnston Road
pdf file icon2017-37 Adoption of PTSD Prevention Plan
pdf file icon2017-37 Schedule A
pdf file icon2017-38 Final Tax Levy By-Law
pdf file icon2017-39 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-40 Healthy Kids Community - Agreement
pdf file icon2017-41 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-42 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-43 By-Law to Appoint Public Works Manager
pdf file icon2017-44 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-45 Zoning By-Law Amendment - Orr
pdf file icon2017-46 Amended - 2017 Tax Rate By-Law
pdf file icon2017-47 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-48 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-49 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-50 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-51 Authorize Agreement - B.R. Fulton Construction - Fraser Road
pdf file icon2017-52 Authorize Agreement - Paula Campbell - Dance Lessons
pdf file icon2017-53 Authorize Agreement - CWWF
pdf file icon2017-54 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-55 Animal Pound - Agreement
pdf file icon2017-56 Site Plan Agreement - 1675893 Ontario Ltd.
pdf file icon2017-57 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-58 Authorize Agreement with B.R. Fulton Construction Ltd.
pdf file icon2017-59 Authorize Agreement with McIntosh & Perry
pdf file icon2017-60 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-61 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-62 Authorize Contract with Brian Dedo
pdf file icon2017-63 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-64 Zoning By-Law Amendment - Thompson
pdf file icon2017-64 ZBLA - Thompson - Schedule 'A'
pdf file icon2017-65 By-Law to Adopt Taxation and Receivable Policy
pdf file icon2017-66 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-67 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-68 Property Standards By-Law
pdf file icon2017-69 Authorize Agreement with Jp2g Consultants Inc - Thompsonhill
pdf file icon2017-70 Adopt Concussion Policy
pdf file icon2017-70 Appendix 1 - Concussion Policy
pdf file icon2017-71 Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2017-72 Sums Required for 2018
pdf file icon2017-73 User Fees and Charges By-Law
pdf file icon2017-74 Establish Procedures - Vote By Mail
pdf file icon2017-74 Appendix 'A' - Procedures
pdf file icon2017-75 Confirming By-Law