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Horton Township, Ontario Canada
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2018 BY-LAWS

Updated: 5 days ago - Created: January 8th, 2018
pdf file icon2018-01 - Borrowing By-Law
pdf file icon2018-02 - Interim Taxes 2018
pdf file icon2018-03 - Appoint Auditor
pdf file icon2018-04 - Appoint Committee of Adjustment
pdf file icon2018-05 - Appoint Livestock Valuer
pdf file icon2018-06 - Appoint Fence Viewers
pdf file icon2018-07 - Authorize Amended Agreement - Enabling Accessibility Fund
pdf file icon2018-07 - Agreement - Appendix 1
pdf file icon2018-08 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-09 - Authorize Agreement - Transfer Payment Agreement OMCC
pdf file icon2018-10 - Authorize Agreement - Transfer Payment Agreement CWWF
pdf file icon2018-11 - By-Law to Authorize Addendum to Agreement - Datafix
pdf file icon2018-12 - Authorize Agreement - New Horizons Seniors Program
pdf file icon2018-13 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-14 - Zoning Amendment - C&K Greer Holdings (Leavoy Lane Property)
pdf file icon2018-14 - Zoning Amendment - Schedule A
pdf file icon2018-15 - Zoning Amendment - C&K Greer Holdings (Gagan Lane Property)
pdf file icon2018-15 - Zoning Amendment - Schedule A
pdf file icon2018-16 - Authorize Agreement with Greenview Environmental - Lime Kiln Road Drainage Study
pdf file icon2018-17 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-18 - Delgating Authority - Lame Duck Period
pdf file icon2018-19 - Reduced Loads Restrictions
pdf file icon2018-20 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-21 - Adopt Reservce Policy and Debt Management Policy
pdf file icon2018-22 - Adopt Tangible Capital Asset Policy
pdf file icon2018-23 - Employment By-Law
pdf file icon2018-24 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-25 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-26 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-27 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-28 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-29 - Authorize Amendment to Site Plan Agreement - Pro-Tyre
pdf file icon2018-30 - Authorize Agreement - Fultons Construction - Johnston Road
pdf file icon2018-31 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-32 - Authorize Extension of Agreement - Dedo
pdf file icon2018-33 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-34 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-35 - Appointment of CAO/Clerk
pdf file icon2018-36 - Development Charges By-Law
pdf file icon2018-37 - Reduce Speed Limit - Lime Kiln Road
pdf file icon2018-38 - Final Tax Levy By-Law
pdf file icon2018-39 - Authorize Agreement - Municipal Disaster Recovery Assistance
pdf file icon2018-40 - Authorize Agreement - Summer Jobs Canada
pdf file icon2018-41 - Employment By-Law
pdf file icon2018-42 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-43 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-44 - Agreement of Purchase and Sale - Beach Property
pdf file icon2018-45 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-46 - Agreement Fulton's Parking Lot Rehab
pdf file icon2018-46 - Appendix 1- Agreement- Municipal Parking Lot- Fultons
pdf file icon2018-47 - Appoint Deputy Clerk/Treasurer N Moore
pdf file icon2018-48 - OCIF Borrowing- Johnston Rd
pdf file icon2018-48 - Appendix B Loan Application 247
pdf file icon2018-49 - User Fees & Charges
pdf file icon2018-50 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-51 - Reduce Speed Limit- Fraser Rd
pdf file icon2018-52 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-53 - Council Remuneration Policy
pdf file icon2018-54 - Authorize Borrowing Upon Serial Debentures for Johnston Rd
pdf file icon2018-55 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-56 - Road Closing- Roman Gorka
pdf file icon2018-57 - Cogeco Agreement for Millennium Trail Access
pdf file icon2018-57 - Appendix 1- Agreement
pdf file icon2018-58 - Software License Agreement with Ontario Tire Stewardship
pdf file icon2018-59 - Compliance Audit Committee
pdf file icon2018-59 - Appendix 1 Compliance Audit Committee- Terms of Reference
pdf file icon2018-60 - Confirming By-Law
pdf file icon2018-61 - Adopt Policy A-10- Staffing
pdf file icon2018-61 - Appendix A- Staffing Revised 2018
pdf file icon2018-62 - Adopt Policy A-09 (a)- Sexual Violence and Harassment
pdf file icon2018-63 - MOU with Sno-Goers
pdf file icon2018-63 - Appendix- MOU with Sno-Goers
pdf file icon2018-64 - MOU with RCATV
pdf file icon2018-64 - Appendix- MOU RCATV
pdf file icon2018-65 - Amendment to Recycling Contract- Agreement- Beaumen Waste
pdf file icon2018-66 - Reduce Speed Limit Johnston Rd
pdf file icon2018-67 - Adopt Investment Policy J-11
pdf file icon2018-67 - Appendix- Policy J-11
pdf file icon2018-68 - Confirming By-Law