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Horton Township was surveyed as a Township in 1825. During that time period, the Province of Ontario built a Government Road to open up the interior of what has now become Renfrew County. This road, called the Opeongo Road, started at Farrell's Landing on the Ottawa River in Horton. Our municipality was incorporated in 1850. At that time Horton Township included the Village of Renfrew, which separated and formed its own municipality in 1858.

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Horton’s history commenced in the early 1820’s. It was incorporated as a Township in 1850. The Township has the distinct privilege of being home to the first road known as the Opeongo Line, starting at the beautiful Ottawa River. This is where cargo was received and passengers disembarked from the boats arriving at Farrell’s Landing, to begin their journey into the interior of the Ottawa Valley. The Ottawa River is one of two rivers that run throughout the Township. The second one is the Bonnechere River which stretches 145 kilometres from near McAskill Lake in Bonnechere Park to Castleford in Horton Township, where it empties into the Ottawa River.

Our Township is a rapidly growing community. The present population is approximately 3,000 residents. In 2014, Horton Township had the second highest growth rate for new homes in Renfrew County.

Township recreation facilities include a beautiful community centre with a 175 seating capacity. The community centre was recently expanded to include a brand new kitchen and stage facilities. We also offer a regulation-size outdoor rink and a heated change room. The engineered steel roof that covers the outdoor rink allows us to extend the hours of operation for the skating and hockey seasons.

During the summer, residents and tourists alike have use of the Horton Township boat launch which allows for easy access to the Ottawa River.

Our web site lists the names of our Council members and staff. If you have any inquiries or concerns please feel free to call the person in charge of the relevant committee or department. We are available to respond to any of your concerns or to direct you to someone who can assist with your inquiry.

In closing, I encourage you to visit us at your leisure, to enjoy all the amenities that Horton Township has to offer.


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All Council meetings are open to the general public.

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