Economic Development

Chair Doug Humphries, Councillor Tom Webster

Public Advisory Members: Jeff Scott, Laurie Wichers-Schreur, and Debbie Grantham

General Government

Chair Glen Campbell, Councillor Tom Webster

Public Advisory Members: Susan Humphries and Spencer Hopping

See Council Packages for General Government Agendas

Planning Committee

Chair Lane Cleroux, Councillor Doug Humphries

Public Advisory Members: Lisa Branje, Bob Johnston, and Bob Cassidy

See Council Packages for Planning Agendas

Protective Services

Chair Lane Cleroux, Councillor Glen Campbell

Public Advisory Members: John Purdon and Spencer Hopping

Public Advisory Members

Recreation Committee: Barb Dickson Sharon Bennett Ralph Miller    Planning Committee: Lisa Branje Bob Johnston Bob...

Recreation Committee

Chair Doug Humphriies

Public Advisory Members: Barb Dickson, Sharon Bennett, and Ralph Miller

Transportation & Environmental Services

Chair Tom Webster, Councillor Lane Cleroux

Public Advisory Members: Tyler Anderson, Rick Lester, and Murray Humphries