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Community Policing Advisory Committee (cpac)

The Community Policing Advisory Committee is comprised of four local municipalities to work closely with the Renfrew Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police to determine strategies and initiatives for their local communities.

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Economic Development

Chair Doug Humphries, Councillor Tom Webster

Public Advisory Members: Jeff Scott, Laurie Wichers-Schreur, and Debbie Grantham

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General Government

Chair Glen Campbell, Councillor Tom Webster

Public Advisory Members: Susan Humphries and Spencer Hopping

See Council Packages for General Government Agendas

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Planning Committee

Chair Lane Cleroux, Councillor Doug Humphries

Public Advisory Members: Lisa Branje, Bob Johnston, and Bob Cassidy

See Council Packages for Planning Agendas

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Protective Services

Chair Lane Cleroux, Councillor Glen Campbell

Public Advisory Members: John Purdon and Spencer Hopping

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Public Advisory Members

Recreation Committee: Barb Dickson Sharon Bennett Ralph Miller    Planning Committee: Lisa Branje Bob Johnston Bob...

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Recreation Committee

Chair Doug Humphriies

Public Advisory Members: Barb Dickson, Sharon Bennett, and Ralph Miller

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Transportation & Environmental Services

Chair Tom Webster, Councillor Lane Cleroux

Public Advisory Members: Tyler Anderson, Rick Lester, and Murray Humphries

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