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Horton Township, Ontario Canada
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How are we doing? - Survey

Updated: 3 months ago - Created: December 30th, 2018

We are committed to providing you with the best recreation experience possible, so we welcome your comments. Please fill out this questionnaire and return to the Community Centre or Township Office. Thank you in advance.

1 = Disappointing,  5 = Exceptional

* Please rate the quality of the service you received from Recreation Staff/Volunteers at your last event.

* Please rate the quality of the Recreation facilities in Horton Township.

Please rate the Horton Township website
* Up to Date and Current?

* Informative?

* Easy to read?

* Please rate the number of services/events available.

* Please rate the quality of the current services/events.

Community Centre
* Was our Community Centre clean?

* Please rate your overall experience at the Community Centre.

* How frequently do you use the Community Centre?

* Would you recommend an expansion to our Community Centre services and or buildings/land?

* Would you Volunteer?

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