Council Delegation Request Form

pdf fileCouncil Delegation Request Form

Council Delegation Request Form


  • Individuals or groups wishing to appear before Council and/or Committee as a delegation shall advise the CAO/Clerk at any time prior to, but no later than 12:00 Noon on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled date of the Meeting.

  • Requests for Delegations shall be in writing (Appendix B) and must generally describe the topic or issue to be discussed.  Presentations of Certificates and/or Awards by Council shall be dealt with at a Council meeting.

  • Notwithstanding subsection 22.1, any person wishing to speak to a matter on a Council Meeting Agenda may do so at that meeting without a formal request to be a delegation, subject to the approval of Council.

  • Individuals or groups who are listed on the Agenda as a Delegation, or are speaking to a matter on the Agenda, shall be limited to not more than fifteen minutes to make their presentation.  This time limit may be extended subject to approval by Council.

  • In consideration of time restraints, the number of Statutory Public Meetings, Presentations or Delegations shall be limited to a maximum of three.

  • The submission of a written request to be a Delegation does not guarantee the request will be approved.  The municipality reserves the right to schedule or deny a request for Delegation. The CAO/Clerk shall have final authority to schedule or deny a Delegation request.

  • In the case of a group Delegation, only one person of the group shall be permitted to address the Members, at a time.

  • The time allotted for a Delegation is at 4 p.m. and at the sole discretion of the CAO/Clerk.

Conduct of Guests/Delegations

No Guest or Delegation shall:

  • Speak disrespectfully of the Reigning Sovereign, the Royal Family, the Governor-General, the Lieutenant Governor, any Member of the Senate, any Member of the House of Commons or any Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario.

  • Use indecent, offensive, or insulting words, profanity or unparliamentary language in or against the Council or against any Member, staff, guest or individual.

  • Disturb a Member, staff member, guest or individual by any disorderly conduct disconcerting to the Council.

  • Be allowed to address Council or Committees or speak in debate without permission of the Mayor or Presiding Officer who, may consult with Council or Committees regarding permission.

  • Resist the rules of Council or disobey the decision of the Presiding Officer or of Council or Committees on questions of order, practice or upon the interpretation of the rules of Council.

  • Unless authorized by the Mayor or Presiding Officer, all guests shall address Council and Committees through the Chair and only when recognized to do so.