Fire Department

Horton township firehall

FOR GENERAL INQUIRIES please call the Municipal Office at 613-432-6271.

In case of FIRE or OTHER EMERGENCIES, please call 911.

Open Air Burning By-law No. 2016-23

Being a By-Law for prescribing the time for setting fire in the Township of Horton and the precautions to be observed.

Fire Personnel:

Fire Chief: Allan Cole
Deputy Fire Chief: Mike Fortier
Fire Captains: Ray Caillier
Daryl Eady

Volunteer Fire-Fighters:

Dave McNulty Ashley Bennett
Steve Osipenko Phil Lambert
Kirby Morrision Kyle Schroeder
Chris Martin Crystal McGregor
Carson Cole Shawn Johntson
Chris Curley Cody Gibson
Matt Harper


Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal

Horton Fire Department recently had the pleasure of honoring 3 of our members with the Governor General of Canada’s Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal. This Medal recognizes members of the Fire Service who have completed 20 years...

Ontario's New Co Alarm

Ontario's new CO alarm law

The Hawkins-Gignac Act, As of April 15, 2015, all Ontario homes at risk of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure must have CO alarms installed near sleeping areas, or risk penalties. We have prepared materials from the unique vantage point of one of Canada’s worst carbon monoxide related tragedies, in which CO claimed the lives of a family of four from Woodstock, ON and was the impetus for the creation of the Hawkins-Gignac Foundation for CO Education.  This new law makes carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in all Ontario homes with fuel-burning appliances or attached garages, no matter the age of the home.


Burn Permits

Horton Fire RescueHorton Township Burn Permit.  Apply for your online permit today.

Smoke Alarms

As of July 1, 1998 under the Ontario Fire Code, every home in Ontario is required to have a working smoke alarm.  Homeowners must ensure that smoke alarms are installed between sleeping and living areas.  They are also required to maintain the smoke alarm in working order.